Monday, January 01, 2007

HAPPY 2007!

Another year has come and passed, as always. But I don't feel like 2006 zoomed past actually. 'Cos when I think back on the events this last year like Fiesta, they seem like they happened a really long time ago. Throw in all the tests we've battled and the year doesn't seem to have been short at all. Yeah so 2007 sounds good maybe 'cos 7 is one of my favourite numbers! :D

Yeah, 2007 also marks the year us Horses enter JC. Both stallions and mares, hahaha. ;D I feel like I'm leaving 'My Little Pony' Land and entering the race idea how JC life will be like.

So here's to an awesome possum 2007 and keep both your friends and textbooks close to your hearts! SEE YA.

P.S. My mum was watching Jesse McCartney's new video 'Just So You Know' and after hearing him croon "JSYK..." for the hundredth time, she went, "I know, I know!" Hahaha yeap. His cheeks are pouchy.

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                                                                             9:09 p.m.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

XINLIN, jump and whoop with delight for I AM BLOGGING!

Oh no I'm left with just two more weeks of freedom! It's not a nice feeling at all. It's always like this - first, you feel so, so relaxed. Then, boredom kicks in and you wish you had schoolwork, anything to do. And finally you reach this stage right now when you'd do anything not to go back to school. Especially not a new, strange one.

So I got into Viva Junior College and I must say I'm having mixed feelings about it. In the first place I don't know for sure if I really am interested in the school but by way of elimination it is one of the more decent JCs around. Next would be discovering who entered the same JC too. Which would be only the entire world actually. And you know, the world consists of people whom you don't exactly see eye to eye with. You get my point. But things can swing either way so I'll see in two weeks' time!

This Monday Stacie, Macie and Tracie had a sleepover at Macie's place! They went to Vivocity, walked around then went next door to Harbourfront Centre for lunch/dinner. Oh but they did a deed without a name! And they feel bad? Triumphant? Relieved? Haha yes, probably in that order too. But they had a great day out anyway despite the rain. That night, they played mahjong, went online, sang their Mando version of SMTMOBL, ate digestive biscuits, watched 'She's The Man' and went to bed at 4am. The next morning they awoke at 11am, had lunch, played the Mystery At Hogwarts game, Old Maid (scary, thrilling game!), took fun photos and Macie bid goodbye to Stacie and Tracie.

Being bored to tears one day and having no luck prising open their Scrabble cases, Jenyun and Rachel decided to whip out their A. Maths TYS and compete to see who could finish eight questions on Differentiation the fastest! After half an hour Rachel called Jenyun to find that the latter had given up and moved on to better things (Rachel forgot what). But I think the both of them were glad to remember things like Differentiation anyways. (:

Hmm I've just realised that I've been telling stories! Oh well, blogging is blogging! Oh yes, another interesting thing is that on my way back from KL by coach we stopped for a toilet break. Yikes, the toilet had no toilet paper or soap! I was so grossed out. O.K. Haha well, in case I don't come online by then, Have a Merry Christmas, everyone! And to be extra safe, Happy New Year too! :D

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                                                                             9:05 p.m.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


OK so I'm not feeling as crazy as I was right after the E. History paper. Still! It's been such a relief to just slack and not think about...anything. Except for moments of self-reflection, of course. I have to say I'm really grateful for the teachers we have had for the past two years. Seeing them look up at us as we left the exam room, cheering and applauding just...moved me. I wouldn't have wanted any other team of teachers. :D

After the paper Jenyun and I headed on down to her place (Xinlin had to prepare for her trip to Genting). Walked around the central for a bit first then went up and played with Barbie dolls! It was pure bliss just concentrating on arranging the Barbie furniture and being the dolls instead of poring over textbook after textbook, you know? So that was great then I spent my last night at AMK before moving.

So I talked to Songping just now and I realized I don't have much plans for the holidays! I seriously need to utilise my holidays well. Haha I do know I'm gonna run on the treadmill every other day, minimum. And fulfil my list of 'To Eat' munchies. In that case I better make sure I don't gain weight instead haha.

I moved to the new place on Saturday and it's been a nice change of environment. On Monday I sat on the platform and watched the rain run down the side of the building. It was kind of like a waterfall. On beige rock. The only thing about Monday was that I burnt my lunch. Heated it for 12 minutes and everything went splat! in the microwave. The rice was shrivelled and the egg looked like melted rubber. The yolk was thrown off the plate too, no less. So, I had Ruffles and gummy snakes as side dishes instead. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, the life of a bum during the holidays! OK so here's to a wondrous, well-deserved holiday filled with the right amounts of slack/bummming time, overseas trips, art and craft activities (seriously!) and 'Me' time! Meanwhile, let's cross our fingers and hope for the best for the 'O' Level results! (:

P.S. My mum likes JT's 'My Love'! Yeah, unbelievable! But it's cool 'cos I like it too.

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                                                                             11:04 p.m.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Well, this is it, everyOne!

I hOpe yOu're dOing well with your preparatiOns but nOt gOing crazy at the same time! Keep safe, drink lOts Of fluids and remember tO SLEEP! May we all nOt lOOk like zOmbies in the next few weeks.

And in case you still have nO clue as tO what I'm talking abOut, it's the big 'O's!

SO seriOusly, wOrk hard, give the 'O's your all and leave nO rOOm fOr regrets!

FreedOm will arrive in a mOnth's time! WOOHOO!

I could be the one to take you home
Baby we could rock the night alone

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                                                                             11:38 p.m.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

TADAA! Many thanks to Xinlin for spending the whole afternoon changing the photos on my blog! Notice the yellow borders? I'd hope so. Thank you, Buddy! :D You know, it' so weird that everytime I blog, around a month would have past since my previous entry.

Wow today has been great! Close to six straight hours spent online and I don't feel bad at all. :D Finally, I feel like I can breathe after these past two weeks of Prelim Exams. How have they been so far? What results will I get? Hard to say, my friend, hard to say.

Somewhere in mid-August
English Language (I), (II) - Paper (I) was all corny and Paper (II) was simpler than all of us expected. ENGLISH, YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE! *thinks of hopeless HCL*

Monday, 11 Sept
Higher Chinese Language (I) - What can I say? My Mandarin vocab doesn't seem to have improved since P6 and ah, forget it, you know what I mean.
A. Maths (I) - Managed to complete it and all, hoping for the best

Elective History - Toss in the Manchurian Dynasty, Western powers and Japan and you get a paper which was OK...I hope.

Chemistry (I), (II) - Ah me, had to rush for the last part of Paper (II) 'cos I got stuck at the Rate of Reaction question. How do you draw the graph with Time as the y-axis and Concentration of acid as the x-axis? Well, I'll soon find out.

English Literature (I), (II) - Completed both papers with a minute to spare, baby!

A. Maths (II) - Again, crossing my fingers!
Higher Chinese Language (II) - Wellll, how do I begin? OK it was in the afternoon (sort of), after a brain-draining A. Maths paper and the boring passages didn't help. I don't think I understood the cloze passage very well so I won't be surprised if I get 6/20 for that section. Wow, the passages were pfffft. The first was on the origins of kneeling/bowing of heads (Haha, Xinlin!), second on some jade pendant (I wondered if I was reading 'Best Quality' in Mandarin), third on moonlight (?!) and finally the last on what...silence? (cue: cricket chirps) So there I was, groggy and bad in Chinese, trying desperately to answer all the questions plus the summary at the end. Went home and blanked out. No kidding.

Tuesday, 19 Sept
Biology (I), (II) - Tricky plus I couldn't recall every single detail for my answers. When you take a cold bath do you lose heat through convection, conduction or both? HMMM.

Chemistry Practical - Ah, you know, there are always areas you could have done better in for Practical. Got through unscathed, no itches from alkali/acid spills so that was good. (:

Maths (II) - 2 1/2 hours of squeezing my brain juice for this. Better be worth it!
Social Studies
Just whizzed by and I think my answers were rather crappy. For Source A, I said the cartoonist is trying to say that working adults should be happy to provide for their elderly parents since both parties are shown smiling in the cartoon. Eh? Was just looking forward to going hoooome!

Yeah so I don't have school tomorrow and I see many non-Physics students online right now sharing my joy! Coming up on Monday will be the Biology Practical and finally on Tuesday, Maths Paper (I)! Then I will look for ways to slack for the rest of the week because I deserve it. :D

Sorry if this has been a dull entry but this has been my life for the past two weeks! Along with guilty slacking sessions of course.

I've been hooked on Animal Planet recently. The shows on other channels can get really crapyy. I catch 'The Crocodile Hunter' while I have lunch and 'The Most Extreme' at 6 every day while I have my dinner. The animal kingdom is really interesting! The dung beetle has been featured a number of times. But I generally don't like bugs or fish. Yesterday National Geo was on and it was featuring big cats! So you know, between big cats and Merger/Industrialisation, I had to choose the former! That day I caught a show on Animal Planet on this African girl who tried to release her pet cheetah into the wild 'cos she was going to the US for university. How lucky is she? She's Caucasian and it reminded me of in Mean Girls when Karen asked Cady, "You're from Africa?...Then why are you white?" Anyway, a pet cheetah! But she decided to let him stay on with the family 'cos he got bitten by a snake and almost died. And it was sad when she had to leave him. But she ran out of the car to sit with him atop a hill overlooking the plains. His name was Sipi. Cheetahs are great. :D

Tuesday, 26 Sept, 1000 hrs, here I come!

Goodbye, Steve Irwin. You'll be sorely missed.

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                                                                             9:42 p.m.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Hey I forgot my username and password again!

Gee whiz how time flies! I seem to say this all the time which is understandable 'cos I only do this once every two months. Well well, what's been happening? For the past one month or so this has been my schedule:

1. Reach home at around 4-5.30pm (Tuesdays to Thurdays/Fridays - no kidding)
2. Shower, have a 1.5 hour dinner; Monday stuff you know? (winks at Xinlin)
3. Get my butt off the sofa, unpack textbook(s), rummage for highlighters
4. Shut myself up in my room from 8pm to you know, when I get up in the morning. So I spend 8 to 10.45pm studying/practising Maths problems with the occasional daydreaming (does that still apply for in the night but not when sleeping?).

I've been daydreaming a whole lot actually. Mostly about The late afternoon of 17 November when I get a taste of glorious, sweet glorious freedom! Xinlin, Jenyun and I have for now decided on heading on to Starbucks to just order whatever drink and cake and just sit and think about absolutely nothing. Oh, we also talked about which book to rip up, scrunch up the pages and uh, hahaha do some hoops. I think we have to do CUH-rAzY! stuff to really lift our state of mind. Yeah I know, me thinking about all these when I'm not even done with my Prelims haha. Still, gotta have something to look forward to, eh? :D

Oh, haha this has been making me laugh. Happened that day during E. Lit when Mrs. Chan was talking about us being second generation Chinese in Singapore so we can somehow relate to the daughters in JLC. Anyway, when Mrs. Chan said that, Soh Teng pointed at Mrs. Chan and cried, "No, YOU'RE second generation. We're THIRD! Hahahaha!" Gosh that just woke the whole class up and everyone laughed. Even Mrs Chan laughed along with us and agreed, "Haha yes, I'm second, you're third."

Some highlights of the past weeks would be the National Day celebrations when our cohort cheered when they played 'Where We Belong' which is of 'our generation' to quote Xinlin. The parade was really short though. Oh, shopping the day before was great. It was my mum's birthday so we had dinner on me. It's weird though 'cos I withdrew money from the ATM, which is essentially my mother's money, and paid with that. Well, I'm not the one who knocks off earlier than her daughter gets released from school and still earns money anyway. Hahaha. So it was great National Day break which passed way too fast! Another would be the 47th National Championship Finals. The company was amazing and that made for a really fitting final school event we got to support. Of course there were other highlights like ;D ;D. That deserves a double wink definitely. No giving up, right? Recess is great as usual, 45 minutes of chatting and laughing over anything and everything.

What is coming up is the 'O' Level English Oral Examination! I will not let my voice shake, will not blank out at the questions asked and will not trail off with a distant "yeah...". Hope my mouth doesn't become dry like it did during the Prelims. In a nutshell, I must work to do well! I wish every candidate all the best too. (: Yuchang, I'm rooting for you!

I certainly hope all the common tests and practice papers pay off. Staying back for 2 1/2 hours doing a Maths P2 set by my school is no mean feat. Surprisingly though, I felt more awake after completing it. I mean, I usually reach home in dire need of a nap. Yesterday after completing a Maths P1, Xinlin was so drained that the words that came out of her mouth didn't make much sense which is quite scary, you know? We were talking about some sports CCA and she went," ...yeah, I saw some primary girls in PE costume." I looked at her. Costume? We both burst out laughing. But it's all good, yes?

Hao pang you, hao pang you, Shagua shi wo de hao pang you

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

WHOA almost forgot my password there! And yes, I'm fully aware that I haven't been updating as often as I should have! But the June holidays are coming to a close (WHAT?!) and it's about time I did some rounding up!

Well, I turned 16 in the past three months! On Sunday, 7 May exactly. On Saturday, 6 May, I had a sort of birthday lunch with Stacie and Tracie at Swenswens where they surprised me with matching ACES tank tops! Tracie very sneakily asked to borrow my black tank for LD but they really wanted to sew on 'Macie' on it! It was a great, great surprise and made me smile so much. And they got me a very pretty myscene Goes Hollywood Madison doll since I can be read like a book when it comes to my love for myscene. ;D Oh! And the latest gift I received was from Perlyn. It was a(n)...'NSync Greatest Hits CD! Hahaha! I really didn't expect her to get that! But since I like feeling like I'm in the 1999-2001 era I like the CD all the same. I was quite embarrassed actually when I saw the CD but then Xiangli went, "Think about your friend who had to pay for it." And I laughed at that.

Which brings me to: HAPPY SWEET 16 PINGY! I hope you had a great day and haven't been excessively busy during the holidays! 'Cos you always seem to have something or another to attend to. I'll pass you your gift after the holidays! (I feel like I'm actually talking to Blogger.)

So after my birthday there was Stacie's birthday present to prepare! Went over to Tracie's place where we spent until 9pm or so doing up her very lovely calendar! For every month of 2006 from May onwards. Wow, guess she should be flipping to July soon! And I do hope the calendar finally has a place on her wall or her wardrobe door or something. In the process of doing up her calendar we discovered that wax crayons are actually rather fragile in large 16-year-old hands as compared to in a 6-year-old's hahaha. Yup, so that's another person who turned 16 in the past three months. (:

Not forgetting Vivian too! I'm so glad you received my card! Did you like the glittery stuff? :D

Oh, we also attended the Adam Khoo 'I am Gifted, So are You!' three-day workshop. In a nutshell, there were laughter and tears and I learnt that speed-reading drives me crazy! The trainers all had...stories rich with life lessons. And oh, I gotta ask my mum what 'corn' is in Malay, right Churnn? :D

Today we went to Jubilee Hall to get a taste of how the production would look like on the actual stage. We had to put on thick makeup (i.e. look like spirits from the other side) which was apparently still not thick enough. O.K. then, pile on the eyeliner, lipstick and hair gel! I'm sure it's gonna be a different feeling from Unbound '04 or '05 in Perth. The thing is, after the two shows tomorrow, that' All the months of work and tomorrow wraps everything up. Time flies, eh? And soon the big 'O's will arrive and who knows where we will go next.

Despite all the undone Chinese homework, the 3 tests or more we will have per week next term, the possible breakdowns and everything that makes life suck (or like a giant vacuum cleaner like Ramesh said), we must try to be happy. No, strike that. We MUST be happy!

Alritee then all the best for the performance tomorrow and bye for now! Have a great term ahead everyone!

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                                                                             10:34 p.m.

<3 Harry Potter, Star Wars, myscene, candy, English, iPod/Shad and my stewpid skew (:

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